Welcome to ChemBlog!

OK, we will try giving this a shot! I’m finding that pointing absent students in the right direction for things they missed is actually harder and more complicated with iPads and so forth than it was in the paper and pencil days. What this site will try to be is just a running daily recap of what was done, so that if you are absent (or forgot!) you can see what you missed, what files or media you need, and where to get it.

I won’t give locations for things that are always in the same place and that are used frequently (that would be redundant), but here are some of those important locations:

  • Any file for you to take class notes on will be in the Schoology group resources, under Class Notes, Unit #, Blank Notes
  • Copies of the teachers’ presentations that go with notes taken in class will be in the Schoology group resources, under Class Notes, Unit #, Completed Notes
  • Blank Daily Question sheet is found in Schoology group resources, under Reference Handouts
  • Completed Daily Questions and answers (posted every Friday) are found in Schoology group resources, under Daily Questions
  • Any Google Doc or Sheet should show up in the Chem H folder I shared with you at the start of the year
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