Wednesday, 11/4

Today we started Unit 5 – The Mole and Chemical Reactions. Be sure and create a “Unit 5” subject under your “Chemistry Honors” divider in Notability, if you haven’t already. You can put the Unit 5 Learning Targets in there, if you like to have them with your notes.

Files needed:

  • Notes – The Mole

Today we talked about how and why chemists created the mole and how we know what one mole of something weighs.

My presentation for today:

  • Completed Notes – The Mole – Marr

Homework Assigned:

  • Webassign 6 – Due 11/11. You can begin working on this. Remember to print out and start working on Webassigns right away, so that you don’t get crunched with lots of work all at once, and have plenty of time to ask questions if you get stuck! Also, there will be 3 Webassigns and a lab in this unit, so you want to keep ahead of your workload.
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