Thursday 11/5

Small amount of notes on percent composition, and some time to work and ask questions on Webassign.

Files Needed:

  • Notes – Percent composition EF and MF. Add a blank page to the TOP of this file and put % composition notes there.

Completed Notes:

  • Completed Notes – Percent Composition – Marr


  • Webassign 6 due 11/11
  • Webassign 7 due 11/12

You need to be (ideally) printing your Webassigns on paper (at home or at the library) as soon as they are assigned, even if you don’t plan to start working immediately. Your work should be done right on the paper next to the question. Having a holistic view where you can see the entire question and all your work right together is important to help you think through problems. Trying to hold/remember bits and pieces in your head while working usually results in mistakes and frustrations. It will also allow you to both work and have your periodic table app open. And it will help a teacher or tutor help you if they can see your question and what you’ve tried! Less ideal would be taking a screenshot and importing to Notability and working on it there, but that can work too as long as you can write and see everything at once.

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